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21 - Nov
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Where:Lincoln Theatre, 1215 U St NW, Washington, District of Columbia, United States, 20009
with AJR
To say Ingrid Michaelson is prolific is an understatement: In just a decade, she has released six albums (five of which have charted) and ten singles (eight charted). But to say she's an emotional multitasker? That's a relatively new accomplishment for her. The love's-labors-lost banger "Hell No," is her first single in a year. It's also surprisingly playful. Because over the past two years, Michaelson has grappled with not only the personal and familial sickness chronicled in her previous album, 'Lights Out,' but also the death of her mother and demise of her marriage. For some, it can take a lifetime to navigate the stages of so much grief. But Michaelson did it in record time.Her new album, the aptly named 'It Doesn't Have to Make Sense' (out August 26, Cabin 24/RED), is a powerfully honest time capsule of her undoings and rebirths. "Allowing myself to not try to make everything make sense was freeing for me," she explains the New York-based singer. "Life doesn't always make sense."Previously, her glass-half-full outlook served her richly. It started with beautiful, idiosyncratic creations such as "The Way I Am" (2007) and "Maybe" (2009), songs that have breathed life into everything from "Grey's Anatomy" to an Old Navy ad and made a mark on the singles charts. The momentum never waned. Her last two albums, 'Human Again' and the more contemplative 'Lights Out,' both hit No. 5 on the Billboard charts.Though her last album teemed with melancholia, she introduced it with the uplifting hit "Girls Chase Boys." (It ended up being her highest Billboard Hot 100 single since "The Way I Am.") Similarly, the joyful "Hell No" is a gateway to the all-parts-of-the-buffalo 'It Doesn't Have to Make Sense.' "There are heart-wrenching songs on it, but some are just fun for fun's sake," she says
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