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16 - Oct
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Where:Gala Theatre, 3333 Fourteenth Street NW Tel (202) 234-7174, Washington, District of Columbia, United States, 20010
This feisty documentary tells the story of America’s first gay gang -- the Check It. Formed in Washington, D.C. in 2009 by a handful of LGBTQ ninth-graders formed their own gang, the Check It, to fight back against gay-bashing. With over 200 members, the Check It quickly earn a fearsome reputation on the DC streets for fighting, stabbing, and robbing their foes -- all while wearing stiletto heels and lipstick. Growing up in some of DC’s most violent and marginalized neighborhoods, the kids in the Check It not only face daunting prejudice and bigotry for being black and gay, but they’ve also survived grinding poverty, family drug abuse, and parents who have disowned them. The film, shot over three years in DC, follows a group of kids who are trying to get off the streets with help from a tough felon-turned-gang-interventionist named “Mo.” While orange-haired “Skittles” starts turning over a new leaf as the only gay boxer at the gym, other members of the gang join a summer fashion institute where they get their first taste of the possibility of a life off the streets. Produced by Steve Buscemi and Stanley Tucci, Check It, provides an up-close look at the harsher side of gay life in DC while also portraying a deeply human story of hope and redemption. We are in the process of creating a Q&A discussion with the filmmakers and documentary subjects. General Admission - $12.00
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